BAA Hockey

St. Mary’s won the BAA Boys’ Hockey Championship with a 3 – 1 win over  Grey Highlands.   Both teams advance to CWOSSA (March 6/7 in Owen Sound).



Kincardine won the BAA Girls’ Hockey Championship with a 8 – 3 win over Grey Highlands.  The Knights advance to CWOSSA (March 6/7 in Owen Sound).


Girls Basketball All Star Line Ups



North Line-Up (Dark Jerseys) South Line-Up (Light Jerseys)
Name School Name School
Shannon Speer GHSS Cassidy Murray-Collins KDSS
Jessica Bullock GHSS Bethany Wilken KDSS
Nicole Motyka GHSS Georgia Fields KDSS
Jaclyn Fraser GHSS Rainor Kruz KDSS
Karlie Clark OSDSS Ashley O’Hagan SHHS
Regan Mahon OSDSS Krista Konecny SHHS
Kate Goodwill OSDSS Jasmine Thompson SHHS
Karly Thacker SMHS Kaylia Hachman JDSS
Jessica Smith SMHS Brianna Bouius JDSS
Steenika Gilbert PSDS Brianna McCallum JDSS
Brooklyn Seigmiller PSDS Hanna Lyncg SDSS
Simmone Myette SDSS
Sean Roehrig (coach) GHSS
Shaun Perry  (coach) GHSS Vincent Yensen (Coach) KDSS



North Line-Up (Dark Jerseys) South Line-Up (Light Jerseys)
Name School Name School
Jenelle Lyman OSDSS Josie Berry SDSS
Jill Lyman OSDSS Charlotte Berry SDSS
Tatianna Quesnel OSDSS Riley Funston SDSS
Hailey Muzzel OSDSS Sasha Morano SDSS
Olivia Torrie SMHS Madi Beishuizen KDSS
Tristan Brown SMHS Laura Fahkens KDSS
Nadine Myiow SMHS Ryle Pawlikowski KDSS
Greta Gilbert PSDS Lauren O’Hagan SHHS
Nadia Souskahn PSDS Billy Martin SHHS
Ashley White PSDS Cara Zettler SHHS
Venessa Burling JDSS
Angie Lyman (coach) OSDSS
Bryanna Bryans(coach) OSDSS Josh Elliot (coach) SDSS

BAA Nordic Skiing

The BAA Nordic Skiing took place at Sawmill Trails on Monday, January 16th.

Top 5 results:

Jr Girls

1. Colleen Beck OSDSS

2. Lila Yuhasz-Bell OSDSS

3. Abiael Lohnes SMHS

4. Ava Cook SMHS

5. Reese Wilkins PSDS

Jr Boys

1. Wesley Schlenker OSDSS

2. Joel Zandvliet OSDSS

3. Morgan Murray PSDS

4. Dylan Beck OSDSS

5. Sam Myles PSDS

Sr. Girls

1. Sarah Sloss

2. Hannah Meloche SMHS

3. Maya Torrie SMHS

4. Allison Kerker OSDSS

5. Elisa Peruzzi OSDSS

Sr. Boys
1. James Beck OSDSS

2. Spencer Vreugdenhil-Beauclerc OSDSS

3. Aiden Tullio OSDSS

4. Braeden Lohnes SMHS

5. Wyatt Knowles SMHS


KDSS Sr Girls’ Win CWOSSA A Basketball


Kincardine senior girls captured the 2016 A CWOSSA basketball championship.  The Knights beat Delhi 44 – 12 in the semi-finals,  and Pere Rene de Galinee  51 – 15 in the final.   KDSS now competes at the A OFSAA championship in Timmins on November 24 and 26.   Games might be streamed live.  Check OFSAA website for more information.


Peninsula Shores junior girls lost in the semi-finals  34 – 12 to Woodland Christian.


Sacred Heart junior girls lost in the semi-finals 42 -14 to Bishop MacDonell.  The Crusaders were 2 – 0 in pool play, beating Wellington Heights, and St. David.   Grey Highland senior girls lost in the semi-finals 35 – 14 to Our Lady of Lourdes.  The Lions were 1 – 1 in pool play , beating Wellington Heights, and losing to St. David.


Owen Sound District junior girls competed in the AAA tournament.  Details will follow.



CWOSSA Boys’ Volleyball Results


Kincardine juniors finished 2nd, losing to Rockway 2 – 1 in the final game.       Kincardine seniors lost to Rockway in the semi-finals.  Peninsula Shores seniors finished 0-2 in the round robin.


Saugeen seniors finished 2nd, losing to Norwell  2 – 1 in the final game.  However SDSS advances to the OFSAA tournament in Windsor (Nov 24-26).    The SDSS juniors also finished 2nd, losing to Glenview Park in the final 3 games to 2.


OSDSS juniors finished 0 – 2 in the round robin.