BAA Soccer Championships

Seven different schools competed for the BAA soccer championships on May 16th, 2017.

In the girls division,  the semi-finals were tight matches with St. Mary’s beating Sacred Heart 3 – 2 on overtime, and  Grey Highlands getting past Saugeen 2 – 0.    SMHS was able to open up in the final beating GHSS 7 – 0.

smhs girls soccer

In the boys division,  St. Mary’s beat Walkerton District 4 -1, and Owen Sound District beat Kincardine 3 – 2 in overtime.   The final was a very close game, with SMHS winning 1 – 0 over OSDSS.

smhs boys soccer


Good luck to all teams who have advanced to their CWOSSA tournaments.


BAA Rugby Championships

The boys’ BAA rugby championship took place at OSDSS on Friday, May 12.

Grey Highlands Secondary School won the Sr. Boys’ Rugby Championship with a 28 – 0 win over OSDSS.   In the first half both teams displayed strong defence, and finished with GHSS holding a small 7 – 0 lead. The Lions were able to take over in the second half, scoring three more tries.   The Lions were led by Brady Merrifield, and Liam Taaffe (who converted all four tries).

GHSS Sr boys

Grey Highlands moves on to the A/AA CWOSSA tournament on May 25 in Delhi.   OSDSS still plays a qualifier game in order to play in the AAA CWOSSA tournament.


The girls’s BAA rugby championship took place at the Bruce County Rugby Club fields in Tiverton on Friday, May 12.

St. Mary’s High School won their 3rd straight Girls Rugby Championship with a 14 – 0 win over OSDSS.   The Mustangs played a strong first half and held a 14-0 lead going into the break.   The Wolves came out with more intensity in the second half,  carrying much of the play, but were not able to break through.

SMHS girls rugby

St. Mary’s moves on to the  A/AA CWOSSA tournament on May 17/19 in Owen Sound.  OSDSS still plays a qualifier game in order to play in the AAA CWOSSA tournament.

Grey Highlands qualified for the A/AA CWOSSA tournament with a 39 – 5 win over Kincardine.


BAA Girls’ Rugby Playoffs

The 2017 BAA girls’ rugby regular season concluded today with games at OSDSS.

OSDSS finished 1st in the north division, with SMHS in 2nd,  GHSS in 3rd, and SDSS in 4th.   GHSS won the tie-breaker.

KDSS finished 1st in the south division, with SHHS in 2nd,  JDSS in 3rd, and WDCS in 4th.

The first round of the playoffs takes place on Monday, May 8th @ Bruce County Rugby  Club fields in Tiverton.    SDSS takes on KDSS at 1 pm  followed by   GHSS vs SHHS at 2 pm.   The winners advance to the BAA Girls’ Rugby Final Four tournament on Friday, May 12.

OSDSS and SMHS will advance directly to the BAA Girls’ Rugby Final Four.

See the girls rugby page for schedule and results.


BAA Mountain Biking

The first race of the 2017 BAA Mountain Bike season took place on April 27th, at Sawmill Trails in Hepworth.

The top three racers from each race are listed below.


Senior Girls:

1. Rachel Hannusch – SMHS

Junior Girls:

1. Claire Hannusch – SMHS

2. Wilder Noble – OSDSS

3. Bethany Snyder – OSDSS

Midget Girls:

1. Janna Wardell – OSDSS

2. Lila Yuhasz-Bell – OSDSS

3. Jade Gilchrist – OSDSS

Senior Boys:

1. Sean Curry – OSDSS

2. Ryan Genoe – GBCS

3. Logan Mann – CDCS

Junior Boys:

1. Dylan Beck – OSDSS

2. Samuel Cox – SMHS

3. Jack Lougheed – SMHS

Midget Boys:

1. CJ Hughes – OSDSS

2. Jacob French – SMHS

3. Hogan Treslan – OSDSS


BAA Badminton Results

The BAA badminton championships were decided this past week.  The junior championship took place at PSDS in Wiarton, and the senior championship took place at KDSS is Kincardine.  The top four finishers move on to CWOSSA at Conestoga College in Kitchener.  The junior tournament takes place on April 19th, and the senior tournament takes place on April 20th.

St. Mary’s High School won the overall team  and junior team titles,  with John Diefenbaker Secondary School winning the senior team title.

Junior Girls Singles:

1st – Hana Solinger from SMHS

2nd- Nicole Matyka from GHSS

3rd- Reese Wilkins from PSDS

4th – Gracie Post from GHSS

Junior Girls Doubles:

1st – Mattina Cook and Jaclyn Fraser from GHSS

2nd- Emma Wand and Lucy Weiler from WDCS

3rd- Diya Pankh and Josie Berry from SDSS

4th – Wini Stute and Nadia Souksanh from PSDS

Junior Boys Singles:

1st – Austin Gauthier from SMHS

2nd- Ian Remillard from SMHS

3rd- Joe Manion from SHHS

4th – Darren Rich from SHHS

Junior Boys Doubles:

1st -Griffinn Prior and Garabed Sadikan of SMHS

2nd -Rahul Pandya and Luc Nusselder of SDSS

3rd- Travis Fulford and Noah Petreiva of SMHS

4th- Caleb Marcella and Nathan Naves of BPDS

Junior Mixed Doubles:

1st – Madison Beishuizen and Dax Tompkins from KDSS

2nd- Maddie McGilveary and Todd Johnson from CDCS

3rd- Rebecca Stuckless and Simon Freer from WDCS

4th – Katie Lagasse and Zach Howell from SMHS


Senior Girls Singles

1st – Brianna Bouius from JDSS

2nd  – Rebekah Kellindonk from SMHS

3rd – Jennelle Smeltzer from KDSS

4th -Natalie Graham from GBSS

Senior Girls Doubles

1st – Brittany Batterman and Astelle Wordelle from OSDSS

2nd – Jessalyn Parish and Shaylyn Parish from CDCS

3rd – Leah Routenberg and Cheyenne Johnston from GHSS

4th -Victoria Matheson and Tori Lammie from SDSS

Senior Boys singles

1st –  Nick Kazarian from SMHS

2nd- Noah Bouius from JDSS

3rd-Shushi Takeyasu from OSCVI

4th-Brensen White from JDSS

Senior Boys Doubles

1st – Trevor Donaldson and Will Forsyth from SDSS

2nd – Clayton Darrell and Alex Prezio from BPDS

3rd – Jake Colley and Ronny Blanchard from KDSS

4th -Peter Rowley and Alex Loughead from GHSS

Senior Mixed Doubles

1st – Nicole Mielhauser and Spencer Bennet from BPDS

2nd – Sophie Borho and Rhys Martin from SHHS

3rd – Carly Acton and Jack Middleton from SDSS

4th – Steenika Gilbert and Rhett Simmons from PSDS


BAA Hockey

St. Mary’s won the BAA Boys’ Hockey Championship with a 3 – 1 win over  Grey Highlands.   Both teams advance to CWOSSA (March 6/7 in Owen Sound).



Kincardine won the BAA Girls’ Hockey Championship with a 8 – 3 win over Grey Highlands.  The Knights advance to CWOSSA (March 6/7 in Owen Sound).